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Name Instructor Course Date Introduction A lactose test measures how the human body processes lactose – a form of sugar detected in dairy merchandises. Typically, the presence of lactase in the human body helps in breaking down dairy products for proper digestion and absorption through the intestines. The stomach, however, has a pH level of 2 which enables the enzyme to work efficiently (Bausenwein et al. 205). Nonetheless, some individuals may face lower secretion of lactase during digestion which leads to fermentation of lactose (milk sugar) – a condition referred to as “lactose intolerant.” There are three tests conducted to test for lactose intolerance; hydrogen breath test, lactose tolerance test, and stool acidity test. Babies born prematurely and the elderly tend to be the most prone victims of lactose intolerance. A test was conducted to analyze the reaction of the lactase, at room temperature and 370 (temperature of the human body), on various molecules to determine the rate at which the enzyme breaks them down (Bausenwein et al. 205). Materials and Methods The test for lactose presence was conducted using six test tubes; 3 tubes were tested under room temperature and the remaining 3 in 370. The Lactaid enzyme was used in all tubes to aid in breaking down the constituent elements to check the presence of lactose (disaccharide). The tubes were marked, with pairs representing significant and unique samples for the test. All the tubes contained 2ml of distilled water. A pair of tubes, from both tests, contained 2.5g of lactose, the second pair contained lactic pills, and the third pair had 1ml of glucose. Glucose strips were introduced to each tube to test the presence and level of lactose. The test was conducted for 10 minutes at a pH of 7. The test should help identify: how enzymes (lactase) function, the purpose of enzymes in daily life, and how enzymes ensure human beings maintain homeostasis. Results Lactase presence was not evident...
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