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A Suicidal Teen Name Institution A Suicidal Teen Q1 Teen attempts to committing suicide are real and sometimes devastating to hear of any effort attached to such actions. In reality, no child should contemplate for not deserving to live like Antony is insinuating. Antony is just a young one who faces the reality of having to accept the fact that his parents are divorcing and will be living in separate cities (Amato, 2000). Antony must have been frustrated after learning of what his parents were planning to do. Anxiety and distress affect him, and he cannot do things usually. Antony will have to stay with his mother after his father is out of state, but the main point of interest is whether Antony will deal with situations to ensure that he is living a healthy life. I must help Antony to recover from the adversarial effects of the action taken by his parents and to ensure he lives a healthy life that will not retard his posterity nor will affect his behaviour (Cook-Cottone, 2014). First, I will do scrutiny to examine suicidal thinking signs which are vivid being that already Antony had withdrawn from normalcy and was quiet most of the time just sitting alone. Then, I will remain calm to express my fear over his reactions and afterward I will start talking about suicide to him and express my negative feelings about suicide and bring to the reality of the controversy that arises in life when you think of death. I have to convince Antony through all the means possible that he does not have to do such an act as human beings are born to accept realities in life and be courageous to find remedies plus reasons to live. Back at home, I will ask his mum to keep watching for him and be careful with what he is handling especially those items that can result in injuries and death. Antony will have to attend to my lessons almost every day, and sometimes I will ask him to play games even more and more and also to go out with other kids till that time he will recover, ...
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