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Free Accounting Practices of Glocal Businesses Dissertation Example

Accounting Practices of Glocal Businesses Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Accounting Practices of Glocal Businesses Accounting practices of Glocal businesses significantly shape sustainability. These practices are affiliated with problem-solving and decision making. Since sustainability entails effective maintenance and utilization, the practices help to identify the trends in glocal business. Identification of the various gaps, as well as the patterns in the business, pinpoints the best strategies which can be employed to ensure success in glocal business (Tayles, Pike & Sofian, 2007). Also, when organized efficiently accounting practices promote business resilience. This is to mean that businesses are developed in such a way that they can penetrate and survive in the current competitive business environment. Accounting practices align the key responsibilities of glocal business. Certainly, these practices help in establishing corporate guidelines and procedures. These procedures are used by global businesses to learn and understand the global market and the best techniques to employ when operating in it. Accountants operating in the global business develop annual budgets and create an objective plan which can be used to enable businesses to render the business competitive (Tayles, Pike & Sofian, 2007). The accountants analyze the various forces in the market. They oversee the various operations a factor that enables them to give calculated directions. In turn, both the internal and external processes are effectively aligned. Accounting practices dictate ethics in the glocal business. On the other hand, ethics is crucial when it comes to the development and implementation of any accounting practices. It ensures that all practices which are applied are considerate to the prevailing business forces (Tayles, Pike & Sofian, 2007). Particularly, all accounting practices respect some set of values. These values fost...
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