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Discussion: Adopting Teacher Behaviors Student’s name Institution Discussion: Adopting Teacher Behaviors Teaching reading skills are one of the most challenging tasks for teachers. A large number of students have reading problems. Since reading is an essential requirement for all levels and forms of academic learning, teachers must ensure that their students demonstrate average if not top competence. Effective teaching of reading requires that teachers adopt specific behaviors that support the mission. Not all teacher behaviors and strategies can help or encourage mastery of proper reading skills. The first behavior for a teacher to adopt for proper teaching of reading is task analysis. Teachers need to analyze tasks to decipher their appropriateness for a given group or category of students. Giving students functions that are above their capabilities is an invitation of discouragement and frustration of students (Stahl & Kuhn, 2004). Discouraged and frustrated, students cannot learn properly (Eide & Eide, 2011). Such students always want to withdraw or drop from school because of perception of overburden. Task analysis helps teachers to identify prerequisite and component skills and establish a workable match with the ability and levels of a student. Task analysis also allows trainers to plan the integration of simpler components of tasks to produce or lead to the final skills. Another critical behavior for teachers to adapt to execute competent training of students on reading skills is guided reading. This strategy details and governs the events preceding, during, and succeeding reading (Saunders-Smith,2015). It details the manner of thinking and interacting with texts. Guided reading helps in identifying repetitions and their significances in documents as well as rhymes and related implications to comprehensions or texts (Saunders-Smith, 2015). Guided reading prepares a teacher for the next task of appearing before students. A teacher adopti...
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