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Competitive Impact: Amazon Competitive AssessmentStudent’s Name Institutional Affiliation Introduction Amazon Incorporated is one of the most successful businesses in the world today. The US-based company started at the edge of the 20th century when Jeff Bezos the company founder started a site through which he would advertise and also sell books. The site had a great reception from members of the public who have constantly led to the company’s growth over the years. Over time, the there company has also experienced a great level of diversification where the company has diversified its products and services into other areas of interest. One of the most successful diversification strategies is the development of the Amazon cloud. This company provides cloud services to players that have interests in hosting services for their online facilities. Over time the company has also experienced a great level of competition between itself and other companies. One of the most competitive firms that have competed with Amazon is Walmart. Walmart is a retail company that majorly deals with the provision of utility goods. However, with its acquisition of a more online approach has led it to provide much more services than just utility products. Through this, it has been able to compete with much of Amazon’s facilities. This move poses a great challenge to Amazon which means that the company has to make numerous steps to try and make itself remain as a key player in the retail industry. Amazon Analysis As stated above, Amazon began as an online bookstore. However, over the years, it continued to provide more and more services rather than just books and CDs. This has led it to become one of the most renowned retail stores in the United States (Dobbs 2015). Over time, it has also gotten to acquire more and more stores that retail different goods. One example of such stores is Amazon purchased this retailer of baby products so that it could be able to retai...
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