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Free Artificial Selection Experiment Dissertation Example

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Introduction to Artificial Selection ExperimentArtificial selection is an evolutionary process through which people rather than nature identify and select which organism get to reproduce. In other words, artificial selection (selective breeding) occurs when organisms are interbred by humans to reproduce offspring with specific character traits (Briggs, William, and Irwin, 458). Over the last centuries, humans have been artificially identifying specific plants and animals to reproduce through the artificial selection process. In this process, offspring traits are selected by the humans contrary to the natural selection process where offspring traits are inherited from the parents. Artificial selection and natural selection both result in the genetic variation of the offspring traits. Gene variation in the natural selection is as a result of changing environmental condition whereby organisms need to adapt to the new environmental conditions (Franks et al., 175). Brassica rapa is a herbaceous plant that has been widely used in artificial selection experiments and selective breeding by humans to reproduce various vegetable species which include, pak choi, bok choi, turnips (Chinese cabbages) among others. According to Siemens et al. (506), the presence of herbivory is the key factor attributed to the increased number of trichrome in the leaves of rapidly-cycling Brassica rapa species. In particular, the Brassica rapa is the most appropriate organism for artificial selection experiment since it contains unique traits which have been used by humans over time for selective breeding. Polygenic inheritance is an observable trait in Brassica rapa through hair inheritance in the organism breeding process. In this kind of genetic trait inheritance by an organism, a specific trait is controlled by two or more genes such as the case of polygenic hair inheritance in Brassica rapa. This paper will employ an artificial...
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