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Free Assessing the Relationship between Altruism and Age Dissertation Example

Altruism and Age Name Date Institutional Affiliation Assessing the Relationship between Altruism and Age Abstract Altruism is behavior intended to help someone else without prospects of reward for the helper. An online assessment and data analysis was conducted to determine the relationship between altruism and age. Out of the 261 survey respondents, 27.6 percent of the respondents (72 respondents) did not display any signs of altruism while 72.4 percent (189 respondents) proved to have altruistic behaviors. The 2-t T-test returned an r=1 meaning that a high positive relationship exists. Further, the probability of p<0.05 showed that test was highly significant and that the mean errors were not an accident but should be considered. This proves the hypothesis that human tends to become more altruistic as they age. It also demystifies the financial stability amongst the older adult as opposed to the youths. Introduction Altruism refers to the state of disinterest or selflessness for the wellbeing of others. In the current economic times, the gap between the rich and poor has considerably widened. This is wider with the aged persons that among the young generation. One of the reported causal factors is the urge for public goods and egocentrism for increased personal wealth. Generally, the urge to become rich is higher at the youthful age but reduces with aging. This could be as a result of increased family and community-based duties that drain the individuals of their resources (Batson, 1991). However, according to the research by Freund and Blanchard (2014), there occurs a correlation between the form of contribution to the public good and age. On the hypothesis test regarding whether the behavioral expression where related when the individual is looking for monetary gain and contribution to the public good, it was reported that adults are consistent at optimizing their financial gains and the aim to contribute to the public good. However, this resea...
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