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Back to the Future Theme Student’s Name Institution Abstract The theme of time defines most of the happenings in the film. Mart, for example, goes back to 1955 by activating the time machine invented by his friend Doc. While there, he attempts to change the current and future happenings by altering the events in the past. His travel to the past is quite successful in that it helps his parents rewrite their current life. They become more successful and have a good love life. The techniques and designs used to make this theme stand out include settings, props, and lighting. Various objects such as costumes and cars that are shown in the film, for example, coincide with the different times depicted and help take the audience through time. Different locations and sets accentuate the different time periods. Other locations are also altered to show the 1955 and 1985-time periods. All these techniques worked together in highlighting the different time periods as well as in highlighting how time plays a crucial part in people's life. Introduction A particular theme has to stand out for a movie to be successful. The scriptwriter, director, producers, scriptwriter and other members of the crew should, therefore, work together to make sure that all the aspects of the film work to promote a particular or more than one theme. According to Goodykoontz and Jacobs (2011), a theme is a subject, idea, or some topic that runs through the plot. The audience should not just sit to see what happens in the various scene but should also seek to know what the movie is about. Back to the Future was a 1985 film that was directed by Robert Zemeckis. The film starts with the teenager Marty McFly featuring Michael Fox being sent back to 1995 where his mother becomes romantically interested in him after he meets her and his father in their teenage self. This paper investigates the major theme in the film and the techniques that contributed to its establishment in the film and how effect...
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