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(Name) (Course) (College) (Date) Banning Smoking in Public Places ESSAY OUTLINE Introduction We all have the responsibility to care for our health and that of others. That’s what it means to love your neighbor as much as you love ourselves. However, we seem to deviate from the love and appreciation for each other and engage in events that see our friends and fellow citizens in the street suffer because of us on creations, secondhand smoke. Thesis statement: Smoking in public places should be burned because it leads to severe adverse health complications to people who are secondhand smokers Lung Cancer Lung cancer cases reported having been influenced by secondhand smoke Reports on the critical state and spread of cancer in the human body Deaths as a result of lung cancer caused by the secondhand smoke Coronary heart disease Coronary heart disease cases reported related to secondhand smoke Further complications because of the coronary health disease Death cases reported of secondhand smoke-related heart disease Severe Asthma Attacks Cases of severe asthma attacks reported and the patient rates in the hospitals Health complications caused by severe asthma attacks caused by secondhand smoke Death cases reported of people who developed severe asthma complications because of being exposed to secondhand smoke Respiratory infections. Types of respiratory and their severing about inhaling secondhand smoke Number of further respiratory infection related cases and deaths reported Infant death Effects of the secondhand smoke to the infant and the pregnant mother Cases of infant complications and fatalities reported having been caused by the mother or the infant inhaling secondhand smoke.Conclusion and Recommendation Secondhand smoke poses a significant health risk to anyone next to cigar smoker in the public places around the country. Several cases of Lung cancer, coronary heart disease, asthma attacks, respiratory infections and infant deaths ...
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