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Author Tutor Course Date Black Panther The movie Black Panther is based on the African culture. The majority of the actors and those involved in the production are black people under the supervision of Ryan Coogler (Johnson n.p.). The film is one of the latest among a series memorable moments in the black pop culture which has been experiencing positive exponential growth. In the recent years, there has been an increased level of production of black art which is connected with various sociopolitical aspects. Based on the storyline of the movie, long time ago, five tribes from Africa were fighting over a meteorite containing vibranium which is a heart-shaped metal. One of the warriors ingests the metal and gains superhuman abilities to become the first Black Panther. The warrior uses the powers gained to bring together the Jabari Tribe, therefore, forming the Wakanda nation. After obtaining the vibranium, the country hides its identity from the rest of the world through pretending to be a third world country. In 1992, the previous king of the Wakandans, T’Chaka visited Califonia to meet his undercover brother N’Jobu, who he suspects of helping Klaue who is a black-market dealer in stealing vibranium from Wakanda. One of N’Jobu’s partners Zuri who is also an undercover Wakandan exposes him confirming the king’s suspicions. In the present day, following the death of the king in the events of Captain America: Civil war (Goldberg n.p.). Tchalla, the king’s son returns to Wakanda to become the new ruler. He and Okoye extract his lover, Nakia, from an undercover mission to attend a coronation ceremony. At the ceremony, the leader of the Jabari tribes, M’Baku challenges the new king through battle, T’Challa wins and convinces M’Baku to end his resistance instead of killing him. Erik and Klaue steal a Wakandan artifact and travel to South Korea where they plan to sell it to Everet who is a CIA agent. W’Kabi orders Klaue to be brought back eithe...
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