Difference between Thesis and Dissertation: Valuable Information from Experts

Difference Between Thesis And Dissertation

Do you know by what features can one distinguish a thesis from a dissertation? Or maybe your idea of thesis vs dissertation is incomplete, and you require some additional data? The format of thesis and dissertation is really similar. It is divided into:

  • Introductory part;
  • Main part;
  • Supplement.

The introductory part includes the title page, table of contents, and list of terms. The main part of the thesis vs dissertation contains such structural parts as the introduction, the essence of the work (in accordance with the chosen field), conclusions, recommendations, and a list of literature. Applications are placed after the main part.

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Thesis vs Dissertation: Definition of Concepts

We always indicate that the master`s thesis is an independent research work of a graduate student, which is performed in order to acquire the academic degree of master. In this paper, an author should illustrate the deep ability to carry out scientific research and find solutions to certain scientific problems. Thanks to this project, a student confirms his scientific qualification. The thesis vs doctoral dissertation is, as a rule, generalizing in nature, as it is considered as a kind of result of the master’s program.

The total meaning of the concept of the dissertation is also well known today. This paper is completed for the purpose of obtaining a doctorate degree. It is a qualifying scientific work performed personally by the applicant in the form of a specially prepared manuscript or published monograph. The dissertation prepared for defense must contain the scientifically substantiated results of theory and practice, and focus on the personal contribution of the applicant to science.

Distinctive Feature of Master’s Thesis and PhD Dissertation

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