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Free Business ethics Dissertation Example

Student’s name Instructor’s name Course title Date Memorandum To: All staff From: Management Date: Subject: Business ethics Business ethics play a crucial role in the success of any business. The purpose of this memo is to offer some guidelines on how to deal with some of the ethical issues encountered in the business environment. The first step in handling ethical issues is to recognize that the issue exists. For example, when a manager’s decision affects the well being of the customers or employees, this constitutes an ethical issue. Once the ethical issue has been identified, one needs to identify the possible alternatives for solving the dilemma. Through ethical reasoning, the most viable solution from the identified options can then be selected (Schwartz 12). One of the most effective ways of handling ethical issues is by consulting the company’s code of ethics. For example, in the event of an ethical dilemma, the company’s code of ethics can provide guidance on how to act ethically and to settle on the most amicable decision. It is also advisable for employees to consult with their supervisors when faced with ethical dilemmas. For example, before deciding on whether to issues a refund against the company policy, a frontline employee needs to consult with his/her supervisors. If an employee belongs to the top management, it is crucial for him/her to discuss the ethical issue with other executives before making a decision involving business ethics. Executives make highly important and far-reaching decision which can be complicated and costly if the necessary business ethics are overlooked. Executives could also utilize past news articles covering similar ethical dilemmas from related companies. Major decisions such as bending of accounting rules or laying-off of workers are usually covered in news outlets as they can ethically impact the society. Reading such articles could help executives to make ethically-viable decisions in times of ethic...
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