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Free CBT protocol on developmental delay Dissertation Example

Developmental Delay Name Institutional Affiliation Developmental delay occurs whereby children fail to reach their evolving milestones within the anticipated period. Developmental delay in a child can occur in one or more of these areas: First, social which involves interaction with others. Second, a fine motor which entails using hands and fingers to do things like eating, writing, or playing. Third, language including speaking and using gestures while communicating. Fourth, a gross motor which entails using body muscles to walk, stand, keep balance, or change positions. Finally, in areas of cognitive which include thinking, remembering, and problem-solving (Perna & Loughan, 2013). The risk factors for the developmental delay include genetic or chromosomal defects such as Down syndrome or complications that occur during pregnancy and birth. Some causes such as hearing loss can be reversed when detected at an early age. Environmental factors such as infections, prematurity, poor nutrition, exposure to harmful agents, and lack of care can lead to developmental delay. The developmental delay has no right way to prevent. However, it is essential to learn the developmental milestones and report to a pediatrician when you think there is a problem with your child. Early interventions help to overcome the developmental delay. In cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), children are taught how to improve their behavioral and social skills by reducing their fears or worries. For instance, a child may have a challenge of refusal to talk due to shyness, difficulty in regulating behavior or anxiety while socializing with peers. The therapist will help the child to focus on that challenge until he/she overcomes the problem. The parents are couched in applying skills appropriate for their children as well as ways to increase the ability of their kids to communicate. CBT focuses on thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in an individual. CBT helps to improve the moods and beh...
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