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Child abuse Name Institution Child abuse Child abuse is a major social problem in our society. And some of the impacts on the victim are; death, life repercussion where they become aggressive in adulthood. Some of the forms of child abuse or maltreatment are; neglect, emotional abuse, sexual abuse and physical abuse. The paper will compare and contrast five different sources that address the possibility of an individual who was bullied during childhood to be abusive to others in adulthood. The first article is by Betham. It states that there is low likelihood for an individual who was bullied during childhood to become abuse during adulthood. It justifies this claim by citing that when an individual grow he/she tend to develop self-esteem and self-control which help him/her in solving problems (Betham, 2014). He states that only 5-10% children end up being aggressive in adulthood but they can be given support which can help them control the situation. The second source which is a journal by Rodkin suggests that consequences of bullying in the long-term event aren't well distinguished from the studies that have been carried out on aggressive behavior. Therefore the author doesn’t support whether such kid will become abusive to others or not (Rodkin, 2014). The third source is a journal also by Izaguirre which went to the extent of interrogating 30 Spanish mothers to determine the effect of bullying in adulthood. The result of the study was that a large number of kids would develop aggressiveness and other social and psychological problems in adulthood. However not all become abuse because some overcome that bullying. The fourth source is a newspaper article in the New York Times. The views and facts in this article are from Dr. Caffaro who suggest that child abuse willdefinitely cause the individual to become abusive in adulthood and the more a kid is subjected to severe harassment or bullying the high chances he/she will become offensive or aggressive. Th...
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