Comparison of Renting an Apartment VS. Staying at the Hotel Dissertation Example

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Free Comparison of Renting an Apartment VS. Staying at the Hotel Dissertation Example

Student’s name Professor Course number Date Comparison of Renting an Apartment VS. Staying at the Hotel When Traveling One of my greatest hobbies is traveling. I enjoy getting new experiences, meeting different people, trying various cuisines, and learning while visiting new counties, places, and cities. I have rich experience of both staying at hotels, hostels, small bed and breakfast inns, and renting apartments while traveling. All these types of accommodations have some similarities. However, each time it is a new story, and it is always exciting to stay at a new place. I have discovered plenty of differences in addition to some resemblances in renting an apartment and staying at typical hotels. Staying at an apartment is a thrilling experience since you never know what experience you will get for sure, although I am always checking the pictures of the property, reading reviews and the description of my booking. Although renting apartments for a short term while traveling is gaining more and more popularity, there are still no strict standards as to what a flat should have, which service should be provided, and how the bed should look like. As a result, the offers might vary from a small Scandinavian style studio in the city center to an authentic bungalow located in the suburbs. The booking is usually made through Airbnb or other services that offer to rent different types of properties per night. My favorite aspect of leasing is the flexibility of the choices to accommodate my needs as I can rent a small room when traveling by myself or a large private house in case I am with a group of friends with children. The second favorite aspect is meeting different people of various cultural, ethnic, religious, and demographic background. A warm and unexpected talk while sipping a glass of wine brings a peculiar pleasure and a unique experience that cannot be acquired with any other substitutes. My third favorite aspect of renting is the flexibility of the...
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