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Free Counseling Children and Adolescents Dissertation Example

Counseling Children and Adolescents Discussion: Trying out CBT and SFT Strategies Name Institutional Affiliation Counseling Children and Adolescents Discussion: Trying Out CBT and SFT Strategies Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy are closely related in terms of the approach of resolving a behavioral problem. Cognitive Behavioral therapy focuses on the source of the problems and its effects on the behavior of the patient. In this case, there is need to examine the behavioral history of the patient in order to device an appropriate solution based on the cognitive therapy (McGinn., Young, & Sanderson, 1995). On the other hand, Solution Focused Brief Therapy is effective when the problem is not based on the cognitive behavior of the patient. It is a brief therapy, which aims at providing the patient with an effective solution to their problem. Josh is facing a behavioral problem that requires a prolonged examination of his behavior to determine the specific elements of his conduct that could have led to the issue (Davidson, 2008). It appears that Josh’s social isolation situation results from his inability to interact with other students at school. An evaluation of Josh’s behavior when interacting with other students will provide an effective solution to his problem (Hou et al, 2014). Based on the article, Josh could be suffering from a mental problem that causes the element of social isolation. He feels that’s his peers have minimal appreciation of his presence in the group and there is comfortable in an isolated environment. The author has chosen to use the cognitive behavioral therapy to resolve the issue facing Josh. This approach is suitable in the case of Josh because it could be effective in behavioral based mental issues in a patient (Davidson, 2008). The approach for analysis using the patient’s perspective is essential because it helps to establish trust between the patient and the therapist (Maragakis & ...
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