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Free Counseling Outcomes Dissertation Example

Student's Name Instructor's Name Course Date Outcomes The ability to implement knowledge and skills learned is what brings along an outcome. Counseling is about understanding issues involved in their clients' cases because it is only after understanding and discussing the problem of a client that treatment can be prescribed. Every successful therapy will be determined by a good environment set by the counselor, the ability to easily and naturally rapport with their clients, a loving and a warm environment will encourage clients to open up. Clients want to have confidence that you care, understand and are willing to help them get a solution. Successful therapy needs sufficient knowledge and interpersonal skills, being able to share the feeling of their client without being impartial or judgmental. A counselor needs to be level-headed, calm, sensible, and in control of their emotions even when clients prove to be difficult and uncooperative CITATION Fla12 p 47 l 1033 (Flasher and Paul 47). A counselor shows total involvement with their clients, in terms of body language for it portrays a lot, it determines the success or failure of a therapy. Facing and leaning towards the client as they speak shows you are paying attention; eye contact gives them confidence that you are following. Listening is a value in counseling, a good counselor listens more and only speaks to confirm or understand a statement. This enables a counselor to capture and understand the unsaid sentences in a client’s conversation, read facial expressions, catch the tone of their voice which speaks volume of their state, and this enables the counselor to ask open questions that help him gather more information which enables him to prescribe the right treatmentCITATION Fla12 p 67 l 1033 (Flasher and Paul 67). A good counselor develops a social and good relationship with the family which is very helpful with the youths, who mostly react to counseling. Work Cited BIBLIOGRAPHY Flasher, Ly...
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