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Cropping Information Name Institutional affiliation 1. Crop Recommended Applied N P K N P K Winter wheat( 8t/ha) 80 kg/ha 90 kg/ha 75kg/ha 119kg/ha 150 kg/ha 0 kg/ha Winter barley ( 8t/ha) 70 kg/ha 90 kg/ha 75 kg/ha 204 kg/ha 90 kg/ha 0 kg/ha Winter oil seed rape 80 kg/ha 80 kg/ha 70 kg/ha 190 kg/ha 80 kg/ha 72kg/ha 2. It is important to understand what the actual figures indicated in the fertilizers mean so as to accurately use the right amount of fertilizers. This is because plants require a certain amount of nutrients so as to germinate and provide the right amount of yield to the farmers. Failure to comply with these guidelines will normally lead to losses on the part of the farmer. For instance, if during farming, 60 kg of nitrogen is required. This means that we must supply 60 kg of nitrogen to the crops and not 60kg of ammonium nitrate. The same principle will be applied to Potassium (K) and phosphate (P). The ammonium nitrate 34-0-0 means that this fertilizer must contain 34% nitrogen, 0% phosphate and 0% potash. 0:20:0 indicates that the mixture contains 20% of phosphate. Hence, a 450kg of superphosphate will contain 90 kg (20%*450kg) of phosphate. Hence, a farmer who needs 6okg/ha of phosphate will have to use 300 kg of superphosphate so to have the recommended yield of crop. In the potash mixture of 0:0:60, the ratio means that the potash has a 60% of pure potassium. A 120kg of potash, therefore, contains 72 kg of potassium (0.6*120kg). Hence, during farming, it is imperative that the farmer is in a position to follow the guidelines provided. The application of nitrogen in winter wheat is within the recommended level. This is because the uptake of nitrogen by wheat during winter is 60% making the farmer increase the ammonium nitrate to plants. The increase in phosphate is right though it will not change the yield. The farmer has not added Potassium as this will have no effect on the crop yield. Hence, the farmer has followed the ...
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