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Cross-Cultural Families: Student Name: Institution Affiliation: Abstract The world is characterised by different nations that have different cultural identities. These are identities that are representatives of people’s values and ways of life. Therefore, there exist great variations in culture between people from different parts of the world, and it is a factor that influences their behaviour about a specific subject matter. Family values and devaluation is one of the facto. Different cultures have a different perception of family. Devaluation which is considered negative moral aspects is shared by many cultures of the world. However, the level of moral consideration can be used to explore variations in values and beliefs. Pakistan and America are two distinct nations with a very different culture about devaluation in a family. Through the analysis of people from Pakistan as well as from the United States and Europe, the research was able to identify reactions and responses of family devaluation. It highlights differences in cultural background and how it influences family relations. Keywords: devaluation, cross-culture Cross-Cultural Families The paper explores the aspect of cross culture by emphasising on the variation of values between people from different parts of the world. It focuses on a comparison between people from Pakistan and those from a European-American culture. The paper examines family between the two sides regarding how families of both sides react to a situation associated with devaluation (Tan, 2012). The author focuses on various concepts of study that include the psychology of the family which explains various aspects of family setting and how they operate. Another important concept is associated with the aspect of cultural variation by providing evidence of its existence and how it influences cross culture. The author also explores honour in family based on a collective culture which is representative of particular societies and ...
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