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Free Customer satisfaction Dissertation Example

Name: Professor: Course: Date: Customer satisfaction An organization that wants to stay in the market for long keeps on improving and never gets comfortable in regards to upgrading. The world today more so the business world is a tough place where people in business need to stay in touch with emerging trends and stay on their toes. It is not surprising to see that a company that was leading in production and sales been bypassed and sidelined by an upcoming company which just started because the customers are the market bosses they control the wave and dictate who stays on top and who gets trolled upon in the market. The era of monopolies and people having to put up with rude business people has passed, the needs of the customers are what run businesses. Quality improvement is the formal and systematic approach which involves the analysis of the performance and efforts for performance improvement. Companies are out to measure the quality they offer to customers and therefore implement programmes that enable them to monitor customer satisfaction. The international community also goes an extra mile to enhance the quality of products that corporates release to the market. The ISO 9000, for instance, is an international standard that is geared towards enhancing the quality through the efficient documentation of procedures and useful elements to ensure the efficiency of their systems. They are standardized to be used in any corporate set up hence customer satisfaction could be enhanced at all levels. With the implementation of ISO 9000, the corporate understand the customers better; they get to align the goals of the company to meet the needs of the customers, and its proper implementation could also be used to target future customers. However, if it is not considered as the base level for the quality system, the desired results may become unachievable. Some concepts make the basis for quality improvement which bottles down to be the basics of customer satisf...
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