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Free Disability and Counselling Dissertation Example

Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date: Disability and Counselling 1.0. The Way It Should Be Vs. The Way Its Perspective Perspective is the way in which the patient and the counselor see the situation. The perspective of the way it should look is the alternative functionality and ways in which the patient can remain productive in the environment. Socio-economic circumstances are things which can be improved to help the patient adjust. It also appreciates the original abilities or wholeness which has been affected by accident. For instance, people with the inability to walk may hold on the fact that walking is the perfect state to be. It is the work of the counselor to help the patient understand that there are many innate abilities. An enabling environment can be able to improve their functionality. Disability also offers a chance of specializing in specific tasks like drawing. The perspective of the way it should be looking at enabling other capacities to help the patient continue participating in activities at a personal, family and community level. Disability counseling has both medical and social perspectives. The way it is perspective looks at the current situation and makes gives an analysis of the situation. Disability involves an individual's functional limitation. Disability is a phenomenon which develops as a result of the relation between the individual and the environment. The inability to walk, see and talk are functional limitations which are distinguished in the environment (Lang, 28). People faced with disability following a traumatic event are more likely to exhibit an impaired capacity for social perceptiveness. The condition should not be about losing control, becoming impulsive and restless. Counseling should help patients benefit from life experiences so long as they can absorb new information. 2.0. Multifaceted Role of a Rehabilitation Counsellor Rehabilitation counseling is a process where the counselor works in a clos...
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