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Do we deserve a Message of Discrimination? Author Institutional Affiliation Do we deserve a Message of Discrimination? Abstract Peace and harmony are essential in any undertaking, be it in business, relationships or the wellbeing of any nation. This is facilitated by the working and coming together of all people without regard to their color, gender, age, political affiliation or any other thing that could undermine their efforts to stand together. With a motivation to stand and work together, great ambitions are achieved as one has always someone looking out for them and helping them achieve the best they can out of themselves. Thus said, discrimination has no place in any society, it only alienates people from each other and disintegrates the prevailing peace; which subsequently undermines development, in the society and the entire nation as well. This paper, however, aims at accessing the height of discrimination and assess its impact on the society. But more so emphasizing the need to stick together and not discriminate on anyone; be united in love. Keywords: discrimination, economic equality Discrimination is the unjust treatment of a certain group of people or even individuals on the grounds of their race, sex, or age. In American racial discrimination had been quite rampant, which lead to the rise of human rights activists to champion for the equal treatment of people of all races despite the differences that they were perceived to have. Martin Luther King Junior was one of the most important figures who played an active role in fighting for the rights of the African Americans, among other American people. His efforts were however fruitful, more so in his campaign for economic equality, in all states; that emphasized on equal opportunities for economic development for everyone without looking down on any people because of their race. Employment, access to safe and affordable housing. His significance contribution leads to a lot of appreciation among ...
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