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Free East Indian Descent Dissertation Example

Unique Biological Characteristics of East Indians Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Identify and discuss two biological variations that are common to East Indian Descent. In many of their anatomical characteristics, the east Indians come in between the white and African descent. Their skin appears in different shades of brown, often tinged with a reddish color of circulating blood around the cheeks, especially during their youth (Crawford, 2001). The civilized tribes are lighter in color than their primitive counterparts. Their darkest skin parts include the back of hands, axillae, some parts of their feet, nipples, their necks, peritoneal parts, as well as their wrists (Zegura, 1999). Newborn babies are characterized by different dusky red skin coloration. Their skin is usually slightly thicker than that of whites. They exhibit normal corrugations on their wrist and hands are more pronounced from their childhood to adulthood. Finally, the east Indians are characterized by long and generally black hair. The East Indians face are well rounded during their childhood, becomes more interesting and handsome in their early adulthood, but more wrinkled during their old age (Crawford, 2001). Their forehead, especially that of adults, is characterized by underperformed skulls that are somehow low and slope backward in males. Their eyebrows often connect to sparser hair just above their noses if not trimmed. Their eyelashes are considerably long and thick. Eye apertures are somehow oblique, with the right outer canthi being slightly higher than the left one. The Mongolic fold is general among children but not that pronounced (Zegura, 1999). Their nose root is evidently depressed just like that of whites. The nose size and shape significantly vary, but it is generally short and wide at the base. There is no evidence of thin noses. These individuals also possess well-formed lips just as thick as those of average whites, with a few individual exceptions. Finally, their n...
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