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Free Educational Philosophy Dissertation Example

Professor's name Student's name Course Date Educational Philosophy Statement Introduction My educational philosophy is always to ensure that every child in my classroom gets access to quality education and learning with ease. My educational training and practice and experience are of immense importance in achieving my set goals and objectives for quality service both within and without the classroom. My objectives and missions are always moldable to suit the learning style and needs of my students. I have also desired a kind of learning in my classroom which is all-inclusive. It has always been my goal and mission to make sure that learners in my classroom get motivated in growing and developing towards their full potentials and dreams. Through my experience and knowledge, I would always want to get my learners challenged to be best performers in every field they get engaged in. I have always desire mutual cooperation among different levels of my student to ensure that each learner gets the opportunity of mutual development. I have always organized group work to ensure that such cooperation and mutual development is achieved. In this case, a student is helped by another and in the process, every student is improved. In so doing the atmosphere of my classroom is markedly changed and transformed for the betterment of each learner. This case helps to improve the general performance of the class as well as ensuring socialization and mutual cooperation among the learners. My other objective which I have also learned through my training, experience, and practice is to see that all my learners get the opportunity and freedom of being creative and self-esteemed to express him/herself both in and outside the classroom. I have always sought an environment whereby my students get acquainted with both dislikes and likes and in so doing the students get to understand their strengths and weaknesses. This foundation is necessary for molding my curriculum to cover the learni...
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