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Effect of Multitasking on Academic Achievement Name Institution Abstract Educational achievement is a topic that has been of great interest to parents, educators, and researchers, and one way through which educational achievement has been affected is through technology use. There is superfluous research indicating the positive effect of technology, but lately, the increased use of this technology has been associated with nullifying effects; hence, this paper aims to discuss one study that has looked into this issue. The study enrolled university students and multitasking within and outside the classroom was determined using an online tool. Even though multitasking was associated with negative GPA when it occurred in the classroom, the same was not ascertained when multitasking occurred outside the classroom or when students spent their time on Facebook. The study has implications for practice because there is a need for educators and parents to acknowledge that technology might have some negative effect on academic achievement by creating distractions. Thereby, revision of educational policies is important to ensure that use of technology by students is guided or censured and especially while in class. There is always research of some sort into ways of enhancing education, and in the current era of technology, its net effect is yet to be determined. Technology has been linked to enhanced learning/teaching strategies, but recently, it has also been found to have counteractive effects. Thereby, Bellur, Nowak, and Hull (2015) sought to determine the effect of multitasking, where technology is involved, on information processing and attention inside and outside the classroom. Two hypotheses were generated from the goal of the study, and they aimed at testing the association between variables of interest: multitasking and college GPA, when the students were in the classroom and when they were outside doing their homework. Bellur et al. (2015) achieved their g...
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