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The Challenge of Regulations and Compliance in GAP Inc. Student’s Name Institution Abstract The study intended to identify a widespread problem afflicting GAP Inc. The main problem identified was the challenge of the regulations and compliance in the organization. Ideally, the achievement of most businesses relies on various factors including the ability to conform to the laid down regulations and to even comply with rules. Besides, the study revealed that regulations and compliance results to key hurdles to the management, success and even operations of the company. The study recommended the necessity of hiring a consultant to address the complications of the aspects. The process was found beneficial because it will prevent the likelihood of paying fines associated with non-compliance. In essence, compliance impacts business operations especially due to changes in legislation. The Challenge of Regulations and Compliance in GAP Inc. The success of any business depends on some factors that include its ability to adhere to the set regulations and comply with the rules. These set regulations and compliance are affected by the changes and advancements in technology and shifts in the market. Consequently, this leads to inevitable changes in what companies are expected to comply with (Draper, 2017). As a company, GAP also faces these shortcomings in the daily operations of the business. Regulations and compliance bring forth a major obstacle to the success, management as well operations of GAP Company. As a company, GAP should hire a consultant to aid in the area to comprehend the complexities of these aspects. This practice will be particularly of importance to avoid paying fines for non-compliance. Compliance affects the business through changes in legislation such as MiFID II, packaged retail investments, regulations of data investment, products based on slides, and through the directive of payment services. The international organization for st...
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