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Free Epidemiologists Dissertation Example

Nursing Name Institution Epidemiology relates to the study of the source and the cause of the diseases that are prevalent in the community (Edelstein, Wallerstein & Yen, 2011). Thus, it depicts the scientific method of investigation based on problem-solving that disease detectives use to examine the origin of the health problems, as well as the various outbreaks in the community. These detectives include statisticians, laboratory scientists, epidemiologists, health care providers, physicians, and public health professions. Epidemiologists gather the data on community outbreaks and use the results as a means of formulating strategies, which contribute in ensuring that future outbreaks are prevented successfully from occurring in the community. The research and studies that are conducted also generates insightful information, which contributes to the attainment of an improvement on the control of the outbreaks and establishing training sessions with community members on how they can prevent themselves from becoming victims of disease outbreaks in society. Health professionals in epidemiology gather information on frequencies, distribution, and patterns of diseases on how they affect the community and communicate the same to the general public. The aim is to create awareness among the people of the diseases and health conditions, which could impact their well-being (Wallerstein, Yen & Syme, 2011). The information that is communicated is obtained from evidence-based medicine. Thus, epidemiology acts as the cornerstone of the public health research methodology that contributes to the identification of the disease risk factors and determination of the optimal treatment approaches, which are applicable in the clinical practice. Thus, community diagnosis is done effectively on basis of mortality and morbidity rates and ratio. Such contributes to the determination of the effective method of control for the diseases that are known. The research that is don...
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