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Free Ethical/Moral Principles Dissertation Example

Ethical/Moral Principles Name Student Institution Ethical/Moral Principles In the contemporary society, most of the countries in today’s globalized world have a socio-economic and political connection. In most cases, there arises the dilemma on whether to consider ethics during the implementation of an ethical dilemma (Eckersley, 2007). However, moral principles should not play a substantial role in the implementation of foreign policies since it distracts the nations from making solid decisions. Instead, ethical principles tend to focus on being empathetic and avoiding cruelty, and these are qualities that cannot apply in instances such as the attack of a country (Smith, 1998). For example, President Woodrow Wilson used ethics and moral principles to form the League of Nations, and as a result, it lacked enforcement authority. During the implementation of foreign policy decisions, it is essential to consider values such as fairness as well as self-interest. According to Gaskarth (2013), some nations tend to show more interest in the consolidation of their power instead of observing the set conventions. Although moral principles do not directly apply to the formation of foreign policies, it is imperative to ensure that the established rules favor all the nations without any form of discrimination. Therefore, negotiation can play a critical role in ensuring that the implementation of foreign policies is successful. In my perspectives, I think the use of humanitarian interventions should be the code of ethics for international relations. This ethical dimension states that the most significant crime is for a country is to threaten the peace of neighboring states. The humanitarian code will ensure that states focus on coming to terms and cooperating towards socio-economic and political development (Gelb & Rosenthal, 2003). Overall, counties should also have the willingness of intervening in case a crisis affects the welfare of people within any nation. ...
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