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Free Ethnicity and Race Dissertation Example

Professor's name Student's name Course Date The core concepts of Ethnicity and Race What definition of ethnicity has the best merit for the authors and which is represented in the text? Cornell and Hartmann highlight various definitions of ethnicity. According to the duo, the best description forwarded by the authors is that ethnicity can be defined as a shared lifestyle that is informed by cultural, historical, religious and any other national affiliations. All these forms and influences the basis of ethnicity. Cornell and Hartmann derived the best definition of ethnicity from Schermerhorn’s(1978) to reach a conclusion and the best description of ethnicity. Schermerhorn defines an ethnic group as a collectivity within the larger society which have or share real or purposely common ancestors, memories of a shared historical past and a cultural focus that focuses on one or more symbols and elements that is defined as the epitome of their livelihood and their global peoplehood. What gives ethnicity a “primordial” quality that separates it from other social identities According to Cornell and Hartmann (1997), there is a primordial characteristic that offers ethnicity-specific primordial attributes separating them from the many social characters and other features. The primary quality that makes ethnicity as primordial is that it is not static but dynamic. Ethnicity has changed over time influenced by several factors including the work on race in the emerging Chicago School of Sociology, and this led to the assimilationist model of racial and ethnic identities (RACE - Are We So Different? A Project of the American Anthropological Association.” RACE - Are We So Different? A Project of the American Anthropological Association, The primordial quality that is ascertained by the two writers on ethnicity is that ethnicity is fixed, fundamental and rooted in the unchangeable circumstance of birth (Cornell and Hartmann p...
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