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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Class Name Date Ethnocentrism Ethnocentrism is the act of judging an individual’s culture basing the judgment on one’s values or the standards of one’s culture. Ethnocentric individuals compare the cultures of others relative to their cultures particularly concerning language, customs, behavior and religion. Ethnocentrism results in one feeling and thinking that their culture is superior to others’. As such, these individuals have poor communication skills and relations with individuals from other cultures (Booth 5). These individuals also have very shallow points of view that are limited to their own culture alone. By using the cultures as the basis for judging other cultures, it is almost impossible for them to acknowledge their misconceptions of the other cultures. These individuals think that their culture is very progressive while the others are primitive. Ethnocentrism is based on values or ideas imposed on an individual from childhood. Ethnocentrism affects both an individual and the society. The society forms the basis for the values, conceptions and misconception of other cultures (Booth 5). The practice does not necessarily imply that ethnocentrism does not have positive impacts on individuals or societies. In fact, ethnocentrism has great impact on the societies and individuals as well. Ethnocentrism enables social solidarity within different cultures and society, and this leads to cooperation. It leads to provision of protection to group members through the creation of a sense of belonging. Individuals who are weak and hopeless feel strong and encourages by joining a certain group. In these cases, the people in lower ranks are given compensation through protection. It also promotes the ideologies of nationalism and patriotism as it stirs the feeling and sense of belonging. In other aspects, ethnocentrism develops social relations through stimulating a sense of belonging (Booth 5). Monsoon Wedding is a ...
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