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Free Eyes on the price: The keys to the kingdom Dissertation Example

Eyes on the price: The keys to the kingdom (1974-1980) Name Institution Eyes on the price: The keys to the kingdom (1974-1980) 1. Why weren’t some Northern schools integrated in the 1970s? The main reason is that the former Atlanta mayor (Sam Massel) did not have an affirmative action as part of his administration agenda. Unlike him, Maynard Jackson formulated an affirmative action which later saw the Northern schools integrated. 2. How do you explain the resistance to school integration? From my point of perspective, the resistance to school integration was based on racism. As can be seen in the film, white parents did not want their children to mingle with black children because they were considered to be inferior. 3. What underlying challenges made school integration hard to achieve in Boston? The first challenge was that most previous Atlanta mayors did not support the idea of integration. It was therefore difficult for black parents to bring about change. The second reason was that black schools lacked sufficient resources which made white parents avoid them. 4. What can a government do to guarantee equal opportunities for all its citizens? Based on the case study of reference, the government should ensure that the rights of both the majority and minority groups are captured in the agenda of the government. 5. Batson described the situation in the Boston Public Schools as de facto segregation. What is the difference between de facto segregation and legally sanctioned segregation? The difference is that de facto segregation concerns illegal racial discrimination especially in public schools while legally sanctioned segregation refers to officially permitted gender discrimination. 6. How did Batson account for the situation in Boston? Batson’s efforts were obstructed by politicians that did not support the idea of integration. Most of such politicians were whites. 7. In Boston, what was the difference between integration and desegregati...
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