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Free Fabricant Manufacturing Project Management Dissertation Example

Fabricant Manufacturing Project Management Name: Institution: Date: Authors Note: Fabricant Manufacturing Project Management Feasibility Study Organizational Feasibility Fabricant Manufacturing Co. is a company which distributes quality and specialized metal parts to more than 1,000 clients in the Northeast region. The company shows great ability in designing, prototyping and manufacturing engineering materials for different engineering applications. These include solar power, electrical, medical and aerospace applications. The company has the capability to outsource equipment and services. This allows the company to provide quality products at a competitive price. The team also provides a team which has shown great ability in previous projects like the GPS technology for monitoring idling and fuel consumption (MindEdge, 2014). This position gives the company the ability to deliver on the proposed project. Technical Feasibility The company requires technical resources in order to complete the project. The retrofit lighting project needs equipment and materials. Fabricant has identified a third party vendor, American Grid who will provide incentives for the project. The identified project requires LED lighting units, wireless sensors and motion detectors. Energy savings after the project as estimated to be over 1.1 million kWh per year. Economic Feasibility Company’s involvement in the retrofit lighting project will help in reducing energy consumption. The project will also help in raising awareness on energy saving technologies. Changes in lighting technology after the project will save $142,000 in utility costs. The cost of upgrading the lighting system lies between $65,000 and $75,000. This project is expected to produce an 89 percent Return On Investment (ROI). Therefore, the project provides immediate financial and environmental returns. Project Alignment with Organizations Strategic Goals The success of a project is highly dependent on ...
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