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Free Feeling of Freedom Dissertation Example

Student Name Instructor Course Name DateFeeling of Freedom The Story of an hour by Kate Chopin and Clever Manka by an anonymous author both include the idea of male dominance. The women in both stories are aware of their place in the society but hold the desire of being able to make decisions freely without being limited. In other words, the authors in both stories incorporate feministic views through the protagonists on the view that women also exhibit the capability of making their own choices or rather engage in independent thought. The analysis puts into view the characters, Louise Mallard in The Story of an Hour and Manka in Clever Manka in regard to their position as married women, what the society expected from them and how they opposed and set themselves free from the societal norms. The role of women as depicted by the authors is to submit themselves to their husbands. Both stories can be viewed to take place in an era where women were subjected to domestic responsibilities and viewed as inferior to men. In Clever Manka, Manka is expected to abide by her husband’s rules not to interfere in his affairs with the threat that any interference would end their marriage (Clever Manka 147). In Chopin’s story, Louise Mallard is depicted as sad with her life especially when she heads and locks herself in her room. The narrator describes her to exhibit a repressed face to indicate the powerlessness in her marriage (Chopin). Both stories indicate the view that women were expected to follow the rules without questioning. They were expected to align with what men said without refrain. In Clever Manka, Manka is instructed to answer a riddle before she could get married to the young burgomaster (Clever Manka 147). Her lack of opposition and abiding by the orders indicate that she had to adhere to them. In Chopin’s story, Louise Mallard’s view that her husband’s death implied that she would live an independent life rather than living for others and that ...
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