Film Critique of the movie Back to the Future from 1985 Dissertation Example

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Free Film Critique of the movie Back to the Future from 1985 Dissertation Example

Back to the Future Analysis Student’s Name Course Name and Number Instructor's Name Date of Submission Abstract The techniques and designs used to make the film a success include settings, props, and lighting. Various objects such as costumes and cars that are shown in the film, for example, coincide with the different times depicted and helps take the audience through time. Different locations and sets accentuate the different time periods. Other locations are also altered to show the 1955 and 1985-time periods. All these techniques worked together in highlighting the different time periods as well as in highlighting how time plays a crucial part in people’s life. The film had a personal impact in that it made me realize that I have limited time on earth and that I should always strive to utilize the little time I have so that I do not regret in future about the chances I missed. Film analysis is crucial in that it helps us to look deeper into the film and reflect on the societal issues currently facing us so that we can come up with solutions to those problems. Analysis "Back to the Future" is a 1985 science fiction comedy that was directed by Robert Zemeckis. In the film, the teenager Marty Mcfly gets accidentally sent to 1955 in a Delorean the time machine invented by his friend Doc Brown (Zemeckis, 1985). The teenager accidentally activates the machine while escaping from some Libyan terrorists that were in search of their stolen plutonium that Doc used to power the machine. While in the past, Marty must make sure that his parents meet and fall in love so that his future can be guaranteed. The machine, however, lacks enough plutonium and he, therefore, has to find Doc’s younger self to get him back home. Doc then strikes the Delorean with lightning to get the energy needed to propel the machine back to 1985. While in 1955, Marty manages to alter his family’s future by making his parent’s life to thrive and by bringing back his father’s sel...
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