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Gender Equality and Inequality in the World Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Word Count = 495 Gender Equality and Inequality in the World Gender means the classification of living organisms or species into basic feminine or masculine groups according to their behavior, culture, tasks, and genitals. Gender is usually determined through the conception of tasks and roles usually attributed to the male or female in the society. Gender equality means a situation where both male and female enjoy and benefit from similar opportunities including decision making in economic fields, involvement in higher education, active involvement in politics and aspirations. Gender inequality, on the other hand, means a situation where both male and female in the society do not enjoy or benefit from similar opportunities or rights like in decision making where you may find that some communities do not seek opinions from females or women. This is because women in such communities are believed to be inferior while men are believed to be superior and responsible enough to be relied on based on ideas, culture, and behavior of the society (Jayachandran, 2015). In this case, the argument that before the mid-twentieth century, a few people agreed that gender equality was possible or desirable, but instead there occurred gender inequality is an area of interest. Gender inequality came about because contrary to this; men dominated the fields of politics, economic opportunities, higher education, marriage customs, sexuality and cultural images. Essentially, the field of interest lies with identifying examples of past gender inequality and contemporary gender equality. Gender inequality existed in the past in various parts of the world, for Instance, Lack of access of good and higher education is just but one of how females have been prevented from enjoying similar benefits and opportunities compared to males who have been freely exposed to and have been given opportunities (In...
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