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GLOBAL WARMING AND CLIMATE CHANGE Name Course Instructor Date Introduction According to climate scientists’ consensus, the root to changes in climate and continuous global warming is anthropogenic. This agreement is further seconded by the “Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change” (IPCC) that humans are the dominant cause of increase in global temperature since 1950s.Being a critical human and global issue, climate change and global warming is the epitome of contemporary global diplomacy. Of note, this poster child is arguably one of the intricate issues in global policy. This intricacy in the comprehension of a climate change political economy is depicted in its spatial, temporal, and conceptual facets. Notably, this problem can be referred to as a stock pollution problem rather than flow pollution concern. Historical emissions during the industrialization age in most of the now-developed countries is being mixed up with current environmental pollution from developing nations. Per se, with this, it is evident that the impact of these anthropogenic activities will be visible in the future and affect the coming generation immensely. According to Gardiner, climate change is a ‘perfect moral storm’ which forms a foundation of his ‘theoretical ineptitude’. In line with this, the focus of this paper is to conceptualize global warming and climate change using two primary theories of international relations: realism and neoliberal institutionalism. Realism and Climate Change Realism is a classical theory in international relations. At its basic, realism takes into consideration assumptions concerning morality, human nature, and power. According to this theoretical perspective sovereign states are regarded as principal entities in the international political system. As principal actors, the states exercise authority by virtue of their autonomy and legitimacy. It is worth noting that under the realism theoretical perspective, states do operate and e...
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