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Graphene Spintronic Name Institutional Affiliation Graphene Spintronic Studying and improvements in electrical circuits have been bolstered by advancements in component technologies, as is the case with semiconductors. Interest in semiconductor spintronics has resulted in the isolation of graphene, derived from focus in the spin degree of freedom. Studying ferromagnetic material has advanced the physical phenomena and properties through spin injection. Interest in the field in a commercial scope considers the application of spin accumulation as a computer circuit component in semiconductors. The adoption of the technology in ferromagnetic or semiconductor materials is challenged by the magneto-resistance being weak for the logic operations. Research in spintronics concentrates on the active control and manipulation of spin degrees in solid state materials, where the spin polarization, spin polarized-transport, and spin dynamics are examined under the concept of physical mechanisms, for application in various systems (primarily hybrid). Graphene isolation has evoked investment in developing spin-dependent systems, in an attempt to draw benefits from the physical properties of the material (Han, Kawakami, Gmitra, & Fabian, 2014). In grafting nano-objects, graphene is an appealing material in applications and devices developed for magnetic sensing purposes (Candini et al., 2011). Graphene spintronics relies on the injection of spin-polarized current in the material. Graphene is a gapless material, where the electronic bands in the Fermi level and the Dirac points, which are located at the Brillouin zone’s K points (Maassen, Ji, & Guo, 2010). The C atoms in graphene form a 2D lattice, which contributes to the unique properties such as zero effective mass carriers and large nobilities, making the material a promising choice for future spintronic device applications (Maassen, Ji, & Guo, 2010). The nano-construction process attracts incorporation of oth...
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