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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Health principle From various principles of health, it is useful for them to include both physical and mental exercises. To attain good health, it is important that one balance the activities in both their physical and mental wellbeing. All the practices used in getting health must come from an individual being in control of everything taking place around them. Hence, the first most important principle is having the sense that they are in control of anything taking place around them, (Patel, & Minas, 20). For both the physical and mental well-being, it is important for one to be able to control their environment. In this case, the environment is both internal and external. Hence, the internal environment, in this case, refers to the mental well-being of an individual. The external wellbeing of an individual is all the things that will come to aid their development from both the internal and external perspectives. The principle of being in control is the best to consider. This principle can take care of all the other principles and allow one to excel in their wellbeing in many aspects. Making decisions about yourself plays a crucial role in your health. One’s interpretation of their environment along with their perception is a necessity for success as far as their health is concerned, (Reed,, 26). It is important to have a positive thinking and practice so that the environment can be seen as a health element of life. If you see the environment as not healthy, you can make it better so that it is tuned to your needs. Alternatively, a healthy environment is a plus for the mental well-being of an individual. The reaction of an individual to a certain condition is based on how they perceive it. If you believe you have to keep fit by exercising, you will do it without being told. Consequently, the reaction of an individual to a certain condition in their environment determines their health. One’s reaction to drinkin...
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