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Name Instructor Course Date Henry Ford Henry Ford is one of the innovators whose work transformed the world to what it is now. He is known for the innovation of assembly line technology. Despite failing on several attempts, he finally achieved his dream of building a cheap, yet reliable, automotive. Early life Henry Ford was born in 1863 (Henry 1). Professional life He started working as a machinist at the age of 16 (Henry 1). In 1891, he joined Edison Illuminating Company as an engineer. Every day he spent a few hours trying to come up with a working gasoline-powered carriage (George 3). In 1896, he completed his Quadricycle. In 1899, he teamed up with various investors and formed the Detroit Automobile Company with the aim of improving his prototype. He left the company in 1902. The success of Henry Ford and his company. The birth of Ford Motor Company Henry Ford founded the company in 1903. The first Ford car was assembled in the same year at a plant in Detroit. In October of 1908, Model T vehicle made its first appearance to the public and the satisfaction of the customers led to more demands than what the company could handle. In 1927, the company stopped the production of Model T and launched an improved version, Model A (Taylor 32). Henry Ford’s character of not giving up and his hunger for perfection made him successful. The failures Henry Ford spent all the money he received from his first investors without coming up with an end product. Even after producing his first car and raising $60,000 worth of share capital, his company still went bankrupt. His poor managerial skills and inability to satisfy the ever-changing consumer tastes saw his company fall behind his competitors in the market. Works Cited George, Nuemayr. "Henry Ford Generated a Revolution in Travel." Investors Business Daily, 15 July 2014, p. A03 "Henry Ford." Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6Th Edition, Mar. 2017, pp. 1-2 Taylor, Gilbert. "I Invented ...
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