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Free Herzberg’s theory and job characteristics Dissertation Example

Herzberg’s theory and job characteristicsName Institution Herzberg’s theory and job characteristics Herzberg’s theory tries to describe the motivation of an employee and the attitude and explains what factors exist in an employee’s environment resulting in satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Job characteristics model, on the other hand, is a normative approach towards job escalation and it specifies five major job factors that can result in an adversarial psychological effect on an individual. The paper, therefore, examines the comparison between Herzberg’s theory and the job characteristics model evaluates their affectivity to an employee. From Herzberg’s report, he explains that factors causing satisfaction of an employee are different from the one causing dissatisfaction. He calls satisfy as the motivators and dissatisfiers hygiene factors. When he talks of hygiene, then he is implying to appropriate solutions towards resolving dissatisfaction. He classified the factors causing satisfaction as the factors that meet the physiological demands to use money and the incentives given as motivators to purchase things like clothing, food, and shelter. On the other hand, satisfactions are the activities and modalities that a company will provide to an employee to give them space for recognition and growth in their career (Herzberg, 2010). Technically, the theory authenticates on what the management should do to resolve dissatisfaction and further goes ahead to create an implication that to avoid employee dissatisfaction managers don’t only have the option of using hygiene factors. They can also provide fundamental elements to the job so that employees can feel that their jobs are necessary. In contrary job characteristics model specifies on the range an of tasks, the impact of the job on others and the ability to accomplish a job target to be the significant factors essential to an employee in their career (Champoux, 1991). The extent to w...
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