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High Healthcare Cost Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract The article will look at the mystery of high health care costs since they are almost unbearable to people. It will begin by pointing out the problem statement and then provide background information with regards to the problem statement. At this point, the paper will outline the facts that exist and then allow flow and an in-depth discussion of the landscape section. The cause of the problem statement is the point of consideration at this stage. Moreover, the principal stakeholders are also evident in this section. The landscape gives an opportunity for the stipulation of various options. The possibilities are supposed to help provide suggestion on the possible solutions that can be useful to solve the problem statement. Also, the pros and cons of each option are mentioned in this section. Afterward, this report makes a recommendation from the various options in the paper. The suggestion then involves a discussion as to why it is the best recommendation albeit the potential challenges. Keywords: Healthcare, Problem Statement, Landscape, Recommendations Introduction Problem Statement The cost of healthcare is enormous nowadays, and the question is what happened to make it this expensive? The price of medical care is a critical issue in the contemporary health sector. People are spending more money in hospitals, and this implies that individuals who are not well-off lack access to quality medical services due to their lack of funds. This paper will, therefore, identify the focus of this problem statement and then find the possible solutions. Afterward, it will appropriately stipulate the recommendation. Background Of late there has been a rise in the cost of receiving health care services as a result of various factors that are manageable. People are complaining everywhere since the current healthcare fees are unbearable. In particular, they are wondering what the issue is because of the curren...
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