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Topic Student’s name Professor’s name Course title Institution Date The social problem that I chose for this discussion is being a homeless person and the broader issue of poverty. In many cases, as individuals, we often fail to see the connection between our personal troubles and the generic state of the social society. In this case, a homeless person will tend to attribute his/her lack of a home to personal failure and fail to see the influence of the economy, specifically the level of poverty. Based on the sociological imagination, we should be able to think beyond ourselves and view a scenario with critical eyes. This requires assuming a social point of view in term of how things influence each other socially. We should be able to see the relationship between a personal experience and the wide state of the society. (Mills, 2000). In the case of the chosen social problem, there is a strong relationship between homelessness and poverty. The individual experience of homelessness is to some extent contributed by the social impact of poverty. There are several circumstances that contribute to poverty and hence homelessness. These include low or lack of income, lack employment, poor physical or mental health, debt, social exclusion, and lack of education. All these circumstances limit the ability of a person to earn enough money to afford a home. Most of those affected by poverty are unemployed hence, they have no income. It is the lack of income that classifies one as being unable to purchase or build a home. This means that a large number of the homeless individual are most likely poor. Hence, based on sociological imagination, poverty is an underlying cause of homelessness. In other words, homelessness could be an indication of the poverty level in the society. Reference Mills, C. W. (2000). The sociological imagination. Oxford University Press. ...
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