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Free Human Rights and International Law Dissertation Example

Human Rights and International Law Student's Name Institution Affiliation Date Human rights are legally guaranteed by laws to protect people and groups against actions that interfere with human dignity and freedom. Human rights can be expressed through treaties, bodies of principles, state responsibility for human rights and customary international law (Wallace et al. 107). Human rights disclosure is pushing the contours of international law means that international law took a shed of light by responding to the requirement of human rights and regulation. This revelation is done by reflecting on universal human rights regulations. Law development is to protect the dignity and the importance of human beings as it is claimed. This paper will deliberate human rights and its address in pushing the contours of universal regulations. More so, the paper will describe the international law, its influence, changing nature, challenges, and impact of globalization on international law (Karp 990). Human rights have changed over ages; this is because the rights have been designated by different practices that helped to constitute the array of significant moments and the sovereigns. Humanitarian rules and values were developed out of the determination to protect the cost and the social nature based on the feeling of solidarity and individuals' sensibility. Freedom of expression and alleviating human movements of interest aims at reducing human suffering. These include anti-slavery programs and movements which are used to rally for ending of wars and crisis. Human rights were used to push for the abolishment of slavery in Britain related to black slaves. The force was behind the sympathy and sensibility of the individual that had black slaves suffering (Antkowiak 352). International law in this discussion is a set of guidelines recognized by obligatory relationships between countries and between states, it serves as a structured- exercise of a rigid and planned global relat...
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