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Free Impact Medicare fraud has in patients care Dissertation Example

Impact Medicare Fraud has in Patient's Care Workshop! Name Institutions Affiliation Date Introduction and Goals It is estimated that approximately 1-3% of the United States national expenditure on healthcare is lost through Fraud and Abuse (Marasco, 2010). The Medicare system is the worst affected with a loss exceeding 100 billion dollars annually. The methods through which fraud occurs can be divided into two. There are those that are consumer-related and those that are provider related. Consumer-related fraud happens when consumers access funds that they are not entitled or access funds that are not used for healthcare. For example, it can happen when patients falsify injuries to request compensation from insurance agencies and other relevant state programs (Marasco, 2010). Medical identity theft and Physician shopping are also popular ways through which consumer defraud the healthcare system. Provider-related fraud mostly happens through exaggerated billing for the services offered to patients. For example, physicians can up-code their bills to ask for payment of more expensive procedures than what was carried out (Marasco, 2010). It is theft of every taxpayer’s money that is meant to cater for the common good. As such, it offends everyone who contributes to the fund (Davis, 2012). Medical Fraud reduces the number of resources that are available to address actual health care concerns (Konrad, 2012). For this reason, it grossly affects the level of patient’s care. When the common fund for care is reduced, consumers have to cater for the difference with out-of-pocket payments ("Healthcare Fraud," 2018). This reduces the capacity of many US citizens to access quality care. The cost of health insurance premiums goes up making it unaffordable to many citizens. Once again, the capacity of these individuals to access healthcare is affected. In some cases, the fraud involves the supply of substandard diagnostic machines and pharmaceutical products. This wi...
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