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Impacts of Bullying Name Institutional Affiliation Impacts of Bullying Research Question: Are children who are victims of bullying more likely to be abusive to others as adults A look at the past trends and the life of individuals who underwent bullying at a young age indicates that the process has detrimental effects on the wellbeing and survival of a child. Bullied children are more likely to depict mental health problems compared to those that have suffered sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. Children who grew up in environments whereby bullying was not controlled efficiently demonstrate higher levels of suicidal ideation, depression, and anxiety amongst other mental problems (Smith, 2013). Despite the consideration by some societies, that bullying is a typical rite passage, experts’ advice that failure to manage incidences of bullying exposes individuals to a lack of emotional control in the future (Fisher, Moffitt, Houts, Belsky, Arseneault & Caspi, 2012). Bullied children grow up to develop defensive mechanisms that would enable them to avoid the adverse impacts of bullying that they faced when young. The research question plays an instrumental role in guiding the researcher to demystify the impacts that bullying has on the growth and development of a child. Interestingly, some adults who underwent bullying and overcame have not grown out of the habit and thus also belittle others and push them around. Fisher et al., (2012), defines bullying as the unwanted and aggressive behavior of a person, mostly amongst school-going children, which involves a perceived power imbalance. Although bullying may be found across all ages and in different setups, it is more prominent in school whereby groupies behavior is not checked (Smith, 2013). Often, the bully tends to be older or is stronger than the victim is. They tend to command a significant amount of command and respect amongst their peers, who at most times want to be associated with them. Once th...
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