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Inspire a shared vision Student’s name Institution Course Date   Inspire a shared vision The major problems facing organizations today are financial management, ability to recruit right talents, monitoring performance and the major one is the uncertainty of the future. My organization has struggled with these problems for a long period . I remember one time when we had just started the organization, we were not able to competently select and recruit right talented employees. Sometimes we just employed individuals who came up to mess with our organization nearly bringing it down. One day we employed a person to deal with finances who was not fully trained; this led to the loss of funds in our bank accounts and failure to account for the expenditure of our company. This was a significant drawback, but we had to survive this storm (Kouzes, Posner & Kouzes, 2004). As a leader, I was determined toward success and tried to work closely with our employees to realize success. During those times, I learned the importance of careful assessment of employees to ensure that they have the required expertise before employing them. I learned the importance of a leader working together with his employees as a team. This was also exhibited by Jesus Christ in the Bible as a good leader when He worked with His disciples during ministry work. Working together with employees closely and becoming as one of their own helped restore the company to its track. The vision of my institution is to grow and become known all over the world. As the general manager of the may company, am a person tied to a busy schedule. Sometimes am free when work is not too much. This occurs mostly in the evenings on working days and all days during the weekend. During these times, am not surrounded by many individuals and it’s always my time to relax. Since am a Christian, I use most of my free times studying the Bible. I enjoy reading parables of Jesus Christ since they are right stories ...
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