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Instructional Strategies Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Instructional Strategies Part 1: Instructional Strategies There is nothing that gives much anxiety to an instructor as leaving an impression on learners. Producing an outstanding lesson usually requires effective strategies. Such strategies should not only concentrate on delivering the required content of a lesson but should also focus on the delivery process. The outcome of a lesson, thus, depends on both the preparation and the delivery stage. In this sense, rather than concentrate on what the students will acquire at the end of the day, I believe the teacher ought to focus on certain strategies that make lessons fulfilling and improve the understanding of students. It is arguable that instructional strategies that produce an outstanding lesson focus on enhancing concentration and engaging students. An effective organization of a classroom is one of the strategies that help towards producing an outstanding lesson. It is essential to organize a classroom properly for learners to not only understand the instructor properly but also for the learners to access resources and interact with each other effectively (Gordon, 2006). For instance, in the context of a visual arts’ class, the teacher may need to place shared resources in a central place for easy access. In addition, learners would occur at a reasonable distance to access the shared resource. However, it is quite difficult to accommodate the personalities of all children when arranging such a class. The arrangement of the class will follow a standard that makes assumptions about the needs of students. For instance, introverted learners may not easily benefit from crowded spaces since they need space to reflect. In addition, I also found out that the presentation of ideas is essential in creating an impressive lesson. I was learning that traditional form of delivery focused on the quality of content at the expense of presentation. This ignores...
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