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Competition within Intermodal Transportation Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Competition within Intermodal Transportation Intermodal transportation involves utilizing various transportation modes to transfer cargo or passengers from origin to destination with an aim to improve efficiency in distribution. Rail and road are the common modes of transport for both passengers and freight, although this paper focuses on freight. The modern rail performs on efficiency, economy, and sustainability, factors that give it a competitive advantage over other modes of transportation. The efficiencies of rail include reduced costs, uncompromised quality of freight where improved storages including containers help protect merchandise from damage throughout distribution (O’Reilly 2012). Additionally, train use is environmentally friendly whereby its carbon emissions is more than half of that emitted by tracks. Brashares (2013) indicate that trains emit about 5.4 pounds of carbon dioxide per 100 miles whereas trucks produce about 19.8 pounds for the same distance. Most shippers find rails more efficient due to consistent services allowing for predictable transportation fees and timing for deliveries (Brashares 2013). Most shippers utilize both rail and roads with rail covering the middle part of distribution and trucks perform pick-up and delivery responsibilities. Shippers and carriers are key players in intermodal transportation whereby Shippers create demand for freight movements and carriers supply transportation solutions. Also, carrier agencies provide a combination of highway and railway movement following1980s deregulations that allowed ports and carriers to own more than one mode of transport (Washington Edu, n.d). For example, the Interstate Commerce Commission in its Rail-Truck deregulation in 1979 on fresh fruit transportation resulted in the increased transportation of the commodity (Washington Edu n.d). The increase of fruit transport that period ros...
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