Intersections between Gender Nonconformity and Class in the Work Dissertation Example

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Free Intersections between Gender Nonconformity and Class in the Work Dissertation Example

Student’s Name Tutor’s Name Course Date  Intersections between Gender Nonconformity and Class in the Work of Leslie Feinberg's Stone Butch Blues In his novel, ‘ Stone Butch Blues’’ Leslie Feinberg gives an account of the experiences hat Jess Goldberg she had while growing up and interacting with different people. Reportedly, Jess is born in New York in the upstate region where the working class is the majority. Even though his birthday is in somewhere in the 1940s, the author focuses on her gender when she was in her 20s and 30s (Feinberg 12). She is presented as a different person from the girls that she grows up with and those that she interacts with. She dislikes putting own feminine clothes such as dresses and unlike other kids of her age, she disregards to be asked whether she is a girl or she is a boy. Apparently, Jess becomes unaccepted by many people in the society including her parents, and this makes opt to leave her home. Additionally, since she finds it challenging to conform to any specific gender, she suffered from hatred from her classmates while at school. This makes her run away from his parents to look for a place where she can be accepted and live a happy life. She I employed in a factory, and after working for a short time, she starts making new friends. Her new environment is dominated by working class people most of who are her co-workers. She gradually starts blending into these working-class members of the society. Certainly, her new friends have gender issues, and this is evident by the fact that they butches as well as femmes. This means they are a group of lesbians whose behaviors is more of the traditional feminine (Feinberg 29). Since they are working class people and therefore money is not there problems, they come out confidently and move around in groups. Jess and her lesbian friends become frequent visitors of Buffalo, a gay bar in the New York. She finds herself fitting into her new life and b...
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