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Free Labor Relations Case Study Dissertation Example

Name Professor Title Date Labor Relations Case Study How should a shop steward best handle the grievances of the staff employees? A shop steward job is to ensure the worker's voices are heard. To best handle the grievances of the staff employees a steward should be familiar with the rights of the workers he or she is representing. The steward should ensure the grievance has the potential to be arbitrated and therefore he or she should do a thorough and complete investigation. This can be achieved through interviewing the grievant, the witnesses and getting all necessary records from the management and any other significant sources. The steward should also review the contract and the law to ensure no violations of the past practice or by the management. The steward should also understand the grievant situation whether he or she believes the grievance is right to go or it is a gripe and should not promise what he or she can’t deliver to the grievant. All the investigations should also be documented before they are taken to the arbitrator. How should a hospital handle staffing shortages other than the obvious---hire more staff? The hospital simply does not have money to hire more. Hospitals can handle staffing shortage without necessarily hiring more staff in various ways; the hospital needs to improve the working conditions for staffs. The hospitals must address the basic problems such as mandatory overtime, staffs should be involved in decision making and looking into their concerns. They can improve the staff’s benefits and offer sign-on bonuses. Also, they need to allow staffs to be flexible and have control over their schedules. Given the limited information about Anita, how can she best complain about being passed over the Chief Medical Officer position? Anita having been overpassed the chief medical officer position needs to take her time to cool off as she finds the reasons why she never got the promotion without questioning the oncology chai...
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